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Stable Stories Winter Newletter

2015 Youth Horsemanship Participation Forms are ready to download! YHP.PDF

Stable Days Youth Ranch was born out of a realization that purposed mentoring and the bond between a horse and a child, when accompanied by faith, can change lives!

Children come to Stable Days Youth Ranch, by appointment only, At No Cost To The Families, for 90 minute visits. Each child will be paired with one horse and one leader who will mentor, nurture, listen to and share in that young person’s unique life story.

Our staff will custom build a program, based on the observed needs of each child, with like goals of building confidence, teaching practical skills, developing peer and equine relationships, and providing a foundation where the values of faith, life and family can be learned.

We serve all interested children between the ages 5-17, including those who are at-risk, disadvantaged or disabled. Being a kid is tough and we desire our program to be open to any child who wishes to come. 

While each lesson is unique and flexible they all share the same idea of horses and children helping each other.  Many of our horses have been rescued from a life of neglect and have their own stories of finding what  every horse, child and adult desires... to be loved.   
 We ask you as parents or guardians to accompany your child, the impact of a parent cheering and supporting their child is priceless!   We’re honored to give fathers, mothers and guardians a chance to rest in the shade and enjoy watching their children grow, while taking in the scenic and peaceful prairie views that God has provided.